1099 Tax Preparation

Confused about how to file your 1099 on your tax return? Here are the most common benefits of 1099 income


What are the benefits to using 1099s for Tax Preparation in 2019?


More Write-offs

Filing as 1099s is a great opportunity to write off ordinary & necessary business expenses that you otherwise would never be able to write off as a W2 employee.


Mortgage & Vehicle Savings

1099s allow you to expense part of your rent or mortgage. They also allow you to expense business use of vehicle.


Pay Less Taxes

1099 income also provides an opportunity to take by far the largest deduction for income-heavy business - an SEP IRA. The maximum deduction is $55,000.


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  • Get our FREE deductions checklist that gets right to the point. No lengthy, difficult on-boarding tasks.

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  • Over a decade of experience serving basic to the most complex tax situations.

  • We offer Audit Defense, if necessary. We also provide an audit risk assessment as part of our base service fee

  • Let us maximize all legal deductions and exclusions.

  • We are Licensed & Insured Certified Public Accountants.

  • Our entire core team have a masters-level education.

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What our clients say

“I was nervous of how i was going to catch up on 2 years worth of taxes, but I searched online and found George in the area. He handled my entire return remotely - that was my favorite part of the whole situation was not having to commute anywhere or meet an accountant to do my tax. He had me send in my W2 and 1099 and literally three hours later I had my taxes completed. It was by far the fastest, most seamless process when it comes to getting my taxes completed and removed a major weight off my back to know that they were finally done. His fees were very reasonable considering the situation - my finances were a complete mess and I basically dropped everything in a dropbox folder and he took it from there. My favorite part was that he was very responsive to emails and handled my questions right away. I am using him again for my next tax return and will be recommending to family and friends.”

– Cory E., Contractor


My friend recommended George to me. My taxes were really complicated - I had W2s from three different employers and two 1099s. I also had student tuition payments, and had to file taxes in New York, New Jersey, and PA. This was my only my second time filing taxes and I did not even know what forms I was supposed to use. At first I tried filing on my own with Turbo Tax, but it showed that I owed like two thousand dollars. George not only made that go away, but he even got me a big refund. I was really happy and will definitely tell my friends at work to use him on their taxes next year. Thank you for all your help!

– Danielle P., Marketing Professional


This accountant has helped me with my business taxes for 3 years now and I can't be happier. Service is immediate, even on weekends and holidays. Main staff (George, Nastia) reply to messages same-day and the turnaround time is staggering even during their busier season. What I like the best is their availability over text, which helps me as a business owner that travels frequently for work. I also like that the staff there knows their multi-state returns since I've had to report income from a couple 1099s elsewhere.

– Eugenia E., Communications Industry Professional

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