Tax Attorney Services

At Dimov Tax, we have licensed IRS Enrolled Agents, Certified Public Accountants, and Tax Attorneys ready to resolve your case. Our success rate is an unparalleled 98% with the first attempt at resolution, and near-perfect if any follow-ups are required.


How We Can Help


We will fight for you to address your case and optimize your tax outcome.

Services provided are:

  • Addressing IRS letters

  • Addressing state letters (all 50 states)

  • Audit representation

  • Payroll-related issues

    • Back payroll tax

    • Workers comp audit

  • IRS offers in compromise

  • State offers in compromise

  • Tax balance in collections

  • CP2000 notice

  • Other CP-series notices

  • Tax controversy resolution

  • Unallowed itemized deductions

  • Credits for taxes paid to other states

  • Injured spouse

  • Divorce-related consulting

  • Amended tax returns

  • Net operating loss carryover

  • Overdue sales tax

  • Resolving double-taxation

  • Forensic accounting


Need Tax Attorney Services?

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